Hair Removal For Men

Finding solutions for genital hair removal for men can be a challenge. It is something many men are doing, though. Finding the right way to remove hair from this more sensitive area is a bit trickier than removing hair from other areas.

The skin in this area is sensitive. Many men do not feel comfortable about turning a professional for care in this area either. However, if you want to remove hair effectively, you will need to choose a solution that can work for your needs.  The following are some of those options.

Waxing Hair Away

One option for genital hair removal for men is the use of waxing. This method is perhaps the most popular solution for those who want hair removal that lasts longer than a few days. It can last as long as six weeks, in fact.

However, before you use this method ensure that you are using a waxing solution that is acceptable for use in this area of the body.

It is a good idea to use this method at home only for areas that are outside of the “panty” line, such as around the legs and the lower abdomen. For anything more sensitive, it is best to have a professional perform the waxing.


Another solution to consider is sugaring, either in the paste or the gel form. This method uses natural ingredients such as sugar, lemon juice and water to work. The results can last up to six weeks. It is less painful of a genital hair removal for men than waxing is but gives you the same results.

It is better for the bikini area because of this less painful result. This option is a good option, too, for those that just want to clean up down there. It is still best to turn to a professional for more sensitive care.

Other Options

For genital hair removal for men, do consider the advantages of these other methods. These may be better for some individuals.

  • Depilatories, or creams, may work in this area. However, you have to take care when using this method. Choose only products designed for this area. Otherwise, the product can burn the skin and cause painful results.
  • Shaving can work as a solution as well. However, you have to be very careful when shaving this area for obvious reasons. Be sure to use a new razor and to take the process slowly.
  • Laser solutions for genital hair removal for men may be available. However, this method can work only when a professional uses it. This solution does offer a permanent hair removal.

Considering all of your options makes sense. Finding the right way to remove hair from your skin is important especially for this more sensitive area. Choose the option that is right for your budget and your overall needs.

Be sure to focus on a solution that gives you the results you want and for the lowest time possible. Sometimes, it is best to turn to a professional for this type of hair care result.

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